HEBA Grants and Loans



Interest Rates

Over the last two years we have been able to benefit from placing cash deposits for a fixed term, usually a year, getting good rates of interest. In recent months these rates have fallen substantially and this means that we need to review the rates we allow on deposits placed with us and on loans we have granted.

From 1 December 2013 we will be applying the following rates:

Current Rate Rate from 1 December 2013
Deposits 1.00% 0.75%
Loans 3.8% 3.4% (Typical APR 3.4%)

Deposits – these can be for any amount and are normally available for immediate withdrawal. Please allow up to one week for the funds to reach your church bank account. Even with the reduction in rates we believe we continue offer rates above the market for equivalent deposits.

Loans – Loans of £26,000 to £100,000 are normally available over 10 years from the Association for building projects. We have some funds which we lend interest free. This means that the effective rate for new loans is 2.55%.

For further information, including an application form for a loan, please contact David Thompson in the HEBA Office at david@baptist-heartofengland.org.


Summary of grants available and how to apply [download].

Church Resources Fund information  and application form [download]. Please return the signed form by post. Thank you.


To help churches who may be considering the installation of equipment to provide sustainable energy we have recently adopted a policy to provide help to churches with upfront capital costs. This comprises two elements:

  • A grant of up to £1,000 from the Churches Resources Fund;
  • An interest free loan repayable over up to 10 years from the savings made from reduced energy consumption.

Further details are available from the HEBA Office.