Help for Church Treasurers

Information and resources for church treasurers.


We commend the work of the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers, a voluntary Association providing resources, training and other events for a wide range of churches.


Round Robin Requests

We would ask churches within the Association not to canvass other member churches for financial support without the specific agreement of the Association. Churches will already be in receipt of other calls on their finances from external organisations and we want to avoid adding to those requests.

If you have a need and consider that canvassing other churches would be appropriate please speak to your Regional Minister in the first instance.

HMRC guidance concerning Gift Aid declarations

HMRC has made clear that where a charity has received a declaration based on the old wording they do not have to ask a donor to supply a new declaration with the new wording. It is only new and replaced enduring declarations that need to be based on the revised wording, though charities can choose to replace existing enduring declarations with new ones if they so wish. Where it is practicable to do so there is perhaps merit in replacing existing declarations for, as HMRC say in their new guidance, it ensures that donors make an informed declaration.

If a new declaration with the revised wording is not obtained from existing donors a church should at least ensure that donors are made aware of the need to have paid sufficient tax to cover the income tax repayable on all of their charitable donations made during the year, and this could be done at the end of the tax year when advising donors of the total of donations made in the year. Declarations made by new donors must, of course, be based on the new wording set out in the note in Transform.

The link to HMRC guidance is:


Advice from the Association Treasurer on gifts and expenses for visiting preachers, including Regional Ministers.


All churches must prepare annual accounts, including an annual report in the format set out in the Charity Commission guidelines and regulations. These are public documents and must be available to anyone on request. For churches which are registered charities (usually those with an annual income over £100,000) an annual return to the Charity Commission is also required.

The Charity Commission website now provides templates and a spreadsheet for accounts. These are for receipts and payments accounts and so can be used for charities with turnover up to £250,000 – except those which are companies.


HEBA expenses form for those on Association working groups etc.

Download: HEBA expenses form


From the HEBA Finance Team to Church Treasurers, information to help you in your service

NOTES FOR TREASURERS 25 – October 2016

Notes from 2009-2015 have been archived. Call the Office if you would like copies.

Pensions Latest

Baptist Pensions have a website here.


Baptist Insurance Company website provides valuable guides for churches. The five guides are available to download from the Baptist Insurance website.

The guides cover:

  • Administration – what you need to know about maintaining your policy, what documentation you should have and how to pay premiums
  • Events – an overview of what churches need to consider when they are planning events
  • Community Outreach – a straightforward guide to insurance and risk management issues that can arise with outreach projects such as foodbanks
  • People on church premises – a short review of the key issues that need to be addressed to keep people safe while on church premises
  • Church property – advice on what churches can do to reduce the risk of loss or damage to churches and their contents

And much more.