Sunday 22nd October
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BMS Action Teams

A unique, challenging and totally life changing Christian gap year programme.

It’s a chance for young people to get involved in what God is doing across the world. An opportunity to plunge themselves into another culture, share the love of Jesus in practical ways, inspire others for mission and let God work in their lives every step of the way.

If you’re 18-23, a Christian and want to do something extraordinary with God in your gap year, we’d love to hear from you.   If you know someone who might be interested, you can download a flyer for them [here]

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Click here to find out more about personnel serving with BMS or for information about the countries we work in and have partnerships with.

Why Project Cyrus?
Cyrus the Great was one of the most powerful and remarkable rulers in the sixth century BC: a Persian praised no less than 22 times in the Jewish Scriptures for his liberation of the Jewish people from their Babylonian captivity. It is this spirit of benevolence and commitment to the liberation of the oppressed that Project Cyrus seeks to pray for in North Korea.

North Korea is currently one of the most isolated nations on earth, closed to foreign influence and seemingly closed to the Gospel. But there is hope. Over the last few decades, prayer has opened up new opportunities in places like Albania, Nepal and China and it can open up North Korea with God’s power.  Project Cyrus aims to inspire such prayer.

Churches can find out more and sign up to Project Cyrus at to receive a free promotional pack that contains a poster, five bookmarks and five prayer wristbands. The pack also includes suggestions for hosting a “Pray for Korea” evening to encourage others to sign up as individuals. They will also receive monthly updates with regular PowerPoints for their services and prayer meetings, to use as they wish.

You can also sign up as an individual supporter at for your prayer updates.