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Book-keeping & Accounts

Struggling with Book-keeping and Accounts? Let us help you!

We can do the work for you at minimum cost if your church’s total income is £100,000 or less.

Give Tom a call on 07984 352760 or email him


We commend the work of the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers, a voluntary Association providing resources, training and other events for a wide range of churches.


Round Robin Requests

We would ask churches within the Association not to canvass other member churches for financial support without the specific agreement of the Association. Churches will already be in receipt of other calls on their finances from external organisations and we want to avoid adding to those requests.

If you have a need and consider that canvassing other churches would be appropriate please speak to your Regional Minister in the first instance.


Our advice on ministry gifts and preaching fees, please click the button below to see them: Guidance on payment to visiting preachers.


From April 2031 the excepting regulations for registering will end and churches will be treated the same as all other charities; registration will be required for any church with an annual income over £5000. However, this will have significant resourcing implications for the Charity Commission and there may be a phased programme of church registrations. When we have more details about this, we will communicate them.

See BUGB Guideline Leaflet CO6.


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