Racial justice means equal and fair treatment for all races. But what does that mean in reality?

Racial justice means having policies, beliefs, practices, attitudes, and actions that promote equal opportunity and treatment for people of all races. It also means to challenge anything that seeks to advocate racial discrimination or racial prejudice like the George Floyd killing, the Windrush Scandal or the recent Azeem Rafique Yorkshire Cricket racism scandal.

Aim Of The Racial Justice Task Group

To highlight unfairness of the judicial systems, housing, education and health which is stacked against black and brown people. We will strive to provide resources for those who want to learn more.

To date, we have promoted Racial Justice through the Baptist Union Council, Symposiums, partnerships, newspaper articles, radio interviews, social media, and with individual churches.

After our year of Racial Justice in 2021, we want to thank those who have shown an interest, invited us to speak or wrote articles as you have sought to learn more about racial justice. This work will continue as we strive to reach out to our churches and community.

A quote from the late Revd Dr. Joel Edwards.

“No-one is going to thank you for promoting Racial Justice, but it’s still got to be done.”

The Racial Justice Task Group is led by Rev. David Ellis (de@baptist-heartofengland.org).