HEBA Women’s Justice Task Group

The HEBA Women’s Justice Task Group was developed in 2021 to support the association in its focus on the impact of continued discrimination and inequalities women experience in our local churches and communities. Women’s Justice will be the focus of HEBA Justice Hub in 2023.

Aim Of The Women’s Justice Task Group

To utilise available resources, experiences and learning as a foundation on which we can build and share a Christ-like and God-led approach to the challenges faced by women.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Support women in ministry or exploring vocation.
  • Encourage churches to utilise and develop the gifts, skills and talents of women.
  • Endeavour, to support wherever they are and whatever their belief.

We will support the Association as it continues to:

  • celebrate the gift of women's ministry.
  • acknowledge and address the painful and slow journey that has been made so far.
  • inspire women to respond to God's call and to clearly and loudly say that women's ministry is welcomed and encouraged.
  • raise awareness of the wider issues which challenge our ministry and society. This includes domestic violence, pay inequality gap and barriers to women in leadership, among others.

A Shared Responsibility

It is important to acknowledge at this stage that women’s injustice is a societal issue. Therefore we, the family of God, women and men, have a role and a responsibility to love each other, treat each other with respect and help each member of our community to fulfil their potential given by God.

The Women’s Justice Task Group is led by Rev. Denise Dobie.