Friday 2nd December
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Association Treasurer. John Levick, has retired from this voluntary, but vitally important role in the life of the Association. Please pray that God will guide us to His candidate for this role soon. Please also consider whether you can recommend a suitable candidate for this role. Further information is on the Recruitment page here.


"Thank you and farewell" are the only things to say as I contemplate retirement after 24 years of Ordained Regional Ministry in the West Midlands following 17 years of Local Church Ministry in Plymouth and Cheltenham. I was Ordained in 1975, arrived here in 1992 and will conclude my ministry here on 1 August 2016.

I will always be grateful to God for the privilege of Ministry. Never really understanding why me, but always being willing to be what God wanted me to be has been the joy of my working life. Such a vocation has brought me into contact with wonderful people in pleasant places. So I am grateful to the Ministers and Churches of what was at first the West Midland Baptist Association and then became the Heart of England Baptist Association for the way in which my ministry has been received and to the General Committee Members and later the Trustees for making that possible. I also want to express my thanks for wonderful short and long term colleagues with whom it has been a delight to work and to my wife and family who have been unflinching in their support.

There have been hundreds if not thousands of people whom I have met in the course of these 24 years. There have been moments of laughter as we celebrated what God has done for us all, as well as what He has done in particular Churches and with individual people. There have been occasions of sadness in difficult times and challenge in awkward times but above all has been the sense of God's presence in all times.

It is a sense of collective purpose that I shall take with me. The overwhelming desire of all the people I have known has been to glorify God and play a part in seeing His kingdom grow.


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