Thursday 8th December
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Association Treasurer. John Levick, has retired from this voluntary, but vitally important role in the life of the Association. Please pray that God will guide us to His candidate for this role soon. Please also consider whether you can recommend a suitable candidate for this role. Further information is on the Recruitment page here.


What was your best Christmas?
I have spent some time reflecting on this question over the years, and pondered all the presents I have received over the last six decades. Great presents, great food, great company and the Queen's speech. My Christmas' have been magical.

In the sixties, when I was five or six I got a remote control police car. I loved that battery operated car, I'd play with it every day. Batteries weren't a problem, my dad worked for Ever Ready batteries. It was made of tin metal and painted in the livery of the New York Police Department. It had their motto "Serve and protect" on the side. All was well till my mum came out of a room and stepped on that toy and obliterated it. She didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident. I was devastated. Over the years it would remind me that God's present to us would be given as a baby and then smashed.


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