Sunday 23rd July
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From one of our Regional Ministers...

Neil Le TissierAs I sit writing this introductory thought for July’s Heartbeat, I’m sweltering in 30°C temperatures and not a cloud in sight. And no, I’m not in some exotic location, just sunny Offenham! And as Glen Frey’s classic title track to the 80’s film “Beverly Hills Cop” puts it – “The Heat Is On.”

I have never been more thankful to have air conditioning in my car, albeit I had to search the manual to find how to switch it on. It has allowed me to arrive at my many and various destinations in a reasonably cool and fragrant state, for which I'm sure you have been thankful too! My wife's older car has air con too, but hers just pumps warm air around. It's clearly in need of a recharge.

It has served to remind me that the heat is on in other ways too. In the space of about four weeks we have experienced several terrorist attacks, a devastating fire, a very close election, and a range of other hot topics splashed across our news media. I have found myself getting uncharacteristically 'hot under the collar' recently, mostly at the consequences of these situations, but also at some of the unhelpful comments that have appeared across our social and news media.

Last Sunday, I was free from any preaching engagements, allowing me to sit in the congregation of my home church. A welcome change. The Spirit was clearly at work among us, and as we worshipped, reflected and prayed, He ministered His peace, healing, and grace through us. The wise Pastor put aside his sermon and order of service and allowed space for the Spirit to move in and through us. I know that my 'faith conditioning' was recharged, and whilst I am very much a 'man of the word', I knew that we had gone beyond where words could take us.

So, at this troubled time, my prayer is that we find space for some cool consideration, refreshment, peace, and a clear sense of how God wants us to respond.

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters;
and you who have no money, come, buy and eat!”
(Isaiah 55:1)

With love in Christ,

Neil Le Tissier


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