DBS Checks

Applying for Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks


Our DBS check service is provided by Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC).

If you act as a DBS verifier for your church and have any questions relating to the DBS process, please contact DDC on 01162 603055 or email contact@ddc.uk.net. Their customer support team will be very happy to talk with you. Alternatively, you can visit the Baptist section of the DDC website for more information including Quick Start Guides for their system: www.ddc.uk.net/baptists

If you need to add or change a verifier then please contact safeguarding@baptist.org.uk

More information and FAQs can be found on the Baptists Together safeguarding pages: http://www.baptist.org.uk/Groups/220183/Safeguarding.aspx

Eligibility for DBS Disclosures

Broadly speaking those who are eligible for Enhanced level Disclosures are those who are engaged in teaching, training, caring or supervisory roles or those who are their managers – this includes the relevant trustees (not necessarily all).

Other people may fall within eligibility for Standard Disclosures but this does not involve people such as administrators, caretakers, receptionists, property stewards or key holders who do not have direct contact with those who are in the vulnerable groups. A similar situation pertains for church coffee shops, etc – contact with child customers is not deemed to be sufficiently close to bring one into the eligibility criteria for a Disclosure.