HEBA Safeguarding

The HEBA Trustees have a Safeguarding Policy which can be viewed here.

HEBA has a Service Agreement with CCPAS (www.ccpas.co.uk) to provide the BUGB Safeguarding Training Excellence in Safeguarding Level 2 and Level 3. More information on training is here.

Churches in membership or in fellowship with HEBA that need to use the CCPAS 24-hour helpline service (0845 1204550) should advise CCPAS that they are a HEBA church. CCPAS will copy any advice given to the church to the HEBA Regional Minister-Team Leader so that appropriate follow-up can be undertaken at Association level. Information will be transferred in accordance with the Information Sharing Agreement between CCPAS and HEBA.

Important Update – On the Baptist Together Web pages there is a new document which combines the policies and procedures for Safe to Grow and Safe to Belong ‘in one’.

For Churches that review and renew their commitment to Safeguarding annually as recommended it would be good for you to use this new document Template. Follow the link below:

The Level 1 DVD is now available as a download from the Baptists Together website here: