Safeguarding Training

Why safeguarding training is important

We have heard all too many references in the media recently reminding us of occasions when the church has failed to safeguard some of its members and guests. This is tragic, and a sad reflection on Christian people.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. Whether working with children, young people or adults at risk, everyone in an organisation needs to understand the importance of keeping everyone safe.

Some people who need support can be vulnerable to harm by others – abuse or neglect, for example. Some can be a risk to others, perhaps because of their behaviour or the way they need to be supported. Developing a culture of awareness will help everyone feel more protected and lessen the risks posed within church life.

Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways of setting and maintaining cultures. Training is a key way of developing your awareness of safeguarding and becoming a culture-changer.

Many Churches have been taking Safeguarding seriously and have been making provision for their ministers and volunteers to participate in the safeguarding training provided by HEBA.

From 1 January 2017, all accredited persons and Nationally Recognised Pastors must undertake the BUGB level 2 and 3 safeguarding training every 4 years, and at least one module per year in the intervening years. This includes those serving as a Moderator or part-time minister.

HEBA has arranged for qualified trainers to deliver the BUGB training at Level 2 and Level 3.

Level 2 training is designed for the Minister, Deacons/trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and all those who work with children, young people and adults at risk. This level now includes an introduction to the problem of spiritual abuse.

Level 3 is designed for the Minister, Deacons/Trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and anyone involved in the recruitment of paid staff or volunteers who will be working with children, young people and adults at risk.

It includes more information about spiritual abuse and provides further advice with what to do if a disclosure is made, or if you discover that abuse of any kind has or is taking place. Level 3 follows on from level 2 and it is strongly advised that you attend level 2 before attending level 3.

Training dates


Date  Church
November 4th10 am - 3:30 pmLevel 3Castle Hill, Warwick
November 11th10 am - 3:30 pmLevel 3The Beacon, Stafford
November 25th10 am - 1 pmLevel 2Bridgnorth Baptist Church, WV16 4AB

Please book through the HEBA office at using the format below to give full information for each participant.

Title Surname Christian name(s) Church Position Held Personal email

This information will be kept in accordance with HEBA’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy (which can be viewed here).

Ministers and Accredited workers – no charge (HEBA will cover their training cost).
For those from Churches that do not contribute regularly to Baptist Home Mission £20 per person.
For those from Churches that do contribute regularly to Baptist Home Mission – a discounted price of £10 per person.

Essential reading
In order to get the best from the training, participants need to read Safe to Grow and Safe to Belong in advance. They can be downloaded using the following links.

Safe to Grow

Safe to Belong

Participants should also be familiar with the safeguarding policies and procedures from their own Church.

These are excellent documents – full of helpful information, guidelines and template documents.