DBS Disclosures

Please refer to the BUGB DBS Guide – click link here

If you act as a DBS verifier for your church and have any questions relating to the DBS process, please contact DDC on 0845 644 3298 or email contact@ddc.uk.net. Their customer support team will be very happy to talk with you. Alternatively, you can visit the Baptist section of the DDC website for more information including Quick Start Guides for their system: www.ddc.uk.net/baptists


All Ministers/Pastors require an up-to-date DBS disclosure for working in our Churches. This needs to be renewed every five years. It is up to the minister/pastor to keep a record of when their DBS needs to be renewed.

For an accredited minister or nationally recognised pastor ‘the appropriate agency’ for applying for this is the National Safeguarding Team of the Baptist Union. This enhanced disclosure must be undertaken by the Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA) through DDC on behalf of the National Safeguarding Team.

For other ministers ‘the appropriate agency’ will be your enhanced disclosure service provider unless you use the Union’s DBS disclosure service. In this case, the disclosure should be undertaken by the church and the certificate will be provided by DDC.

All church volunteers should renew their DBS every five years through their church.