HEBA Safeguarding

‘Safeguarding’ is the practice and procedures we undertake in our church communities with the aim of providing safe environments for all, including ministers, other paid workers and volunteers, as well as for the protection of adults, young people and children from harm, abuse or neglect.

Every church should adopt a safeguarding policy and have in place up-to-date procedures enabling ‘safeguarding’ to be a priority in their church context.

HEBA works with Baptists Together in providing information and training so that Baptist churches can maintain safe environments for all.

You can read the HEBA Trustees’ Safeguarding Policy here.

The HEBA Trustee for Safeguarding is Revd Duncan MacLean – his role description is here

HEBA has trained several members of our churches to deliver the Baptists Together Safeguarding Training Excellence in Safeguarding at Levels 2 and 3. More information on training is available for download.

A comprehensive collection of forms, model procedures, policies and service ideas are available on the Baptists Together website.

DBS Disclosures and Safeguarding Training Requirements for Ministers


All accredited, nationally and regionally recognised pastors/ministers are required to undertake the safeguarding training required by the Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC) to maintain their accreditation/recognition. A safeguarding training clause should be included in the Terms of Settlement for all of the above ministries.

If you require a waiver to call a non-accredited minister the safeguarding training required by the MRC will be a condition of the waiver being granted. A safeguarding training clause in the Terms of Settlement would also be required in this case. If your minister is not accredited or recognised and you do not need a waiver we would strongly encourage you to retain this clause.

The current training requirements are to undertake Excellence in Safeguarding Training through BUGB at level 2 and 3 every 4 years, and every year to undertake an online BUGB training session on a particular aspect of safeguarding. The responsibility to ensure that non-accredited and non-recognised ministers undertake their safeguarding training remains with the church trustees.

DBS Disclosures

All Ministers/Pastors require an up-to-date DBS disclosure for working in our Churches.

For an accredited minister or nationally recognized pastor ‘the appropriate agency’ for applying for this is the National Safeguarding Team of the Baptist Union. This enhanced disclosure must be undertaken by the Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA) through DDC on behalf of the National Safeguarding Team.

For other ministers ‘the appropriate agency’ will be your enhanced disclosure service provider unless you use the Union’s DBS disclosure service. In this case, the disclosure should be undertaken by the church and the certificate will be provided by DDC.

March 2019