Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding training is important

Many Churches have rightly been taking Safeguarding seriously and have been making provision for their ministers and volunteers to participate in the safeguarding training provided by HEBA. Leading by example is one of the most powerful ways of setting and maintaining cultures. Training is a key way of developing your awareness of safeguarding and becoming a culture-changer.

All accredited, nationally and regionally recognised pastors/ministers are required to undertake the safeguarding training required by the Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC) to maintain their accreditation/recognition. A safeguarding training clause should be included in the Terms of Settlement for all of the above ministries. See the Terms of Appointment here:

If you require a waiver to call a non-accredited minister the safeguarding training required by the MRC will be a condition of the waiver being granted. A safeguarding training clause in the Terms of Settlement would also be required in this case. If your minister is not accredited or recognised and you do not need a waiver we would strongly encourage you to retain this clause.

The current training requirements are to undertake Excellence in Safeguarding Training through BUGB at level 2 and 3 every 4 years, and every year to undertake an online BUGB training session on a particular aspect of safeguarding. The responsibility to ensure that non-accredited and non-recognised ministers undertake their safeguarding training remains with the church trustees.

HEBA has arranged for qualified trainers to deliver the BUGB training at Level 2 and Level 3.

Level 2 training is designed for the Minister, Deacons/trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and all those who work with children, young people and adults at risk. This level now includes an introduction to the problem of spiritual abuse.

Level 3 is designed for the Minister, Deacons/Trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and anyone involved in the recruitment of paid staff or volunteers who will be working with children, young people and adults at risk. Level 2 is a pre-requirement for attending Level 3.

It includes more information about spiritual abuse and provides further advice with what to do if a disclosure is made, or if you discover that abuse of any kind has or is taking place.

HEBA provides named certificates of attendance to those who attend training. These are sent to your church contact after the training for distribution to each individual that attended the training. It is your responsibility to keep these safe as we do not provide duplicates or hold lists of those who attended training sessions (other than Ministers and Pastors). It is up to each church to maintain their own records of which of their members have completed safeguarding training, including where and when.

Training Opportunities

Please book places using this booking form as it helps enormously with the administration.


Dunchurch Baptist ChurchSaturday23rd November210:00 - 13:00CANCELLED
Newport Baptist ChurchSaturday30th November210:00 - 13:00FULL


Ross Baptist ChurchSaturday18th January210:00 - 13:00
Shrewsbury Baptist ChurchSaturday18th January210:00 - 13:00No availability
Shrewsbury Baptist ChurchSaturday25th January210:00 - 13:00Canceled
Hanley Baptist Chirch, Stoke-on-TrentSaturday8th February210:00 - 13:00
Wade Street Baptist ChurchSaturday22nd February210:00 - 13:00
Edward Road Baptist ChurchSaturday22nd February310:00 - 13:00No availability
Warley Baptist ChurchSaturday29th February210:00 - 13:00No availability
Warley Baptist ChurchSaturday7th March210:00 - 13:00No availability
Bridgnorth Baptist ChurchSaturday21st March210:00 - 13:00
Chester Road Baptist ChurchSaturday28th March210:00 - 13:00
Pershore Baptist ChurchSaturday25th April210:00 - 13:00
Chester Road Baptist ChurchSaturday25th April310:00 - 15:00
Pershore Baptist ChurchSaturday23rd May310:00 - 15:00Awaiting confirmation

If your church wishes to host a safeguarding training event, please contact Sonia at the HEBA office:

Other dates will be added to this page as they become available.

Payment must be made with bookings to prevent the significant number of ‘no shows’ we have experienced in past years, which was frustrating when we also had waiting lists of people wanting to attend sessions. See the form for more information.


Ministers and other workers recognised/accredited by the Baptist Union of Great Britain – no charge (HEBA will cover their training cost).
For those from Churches that do not contribute regularly to Baptist Home Mission £20 per person.
For those from Churches that do contribute regularly to Baptist Home Mission - a discounted price of £10 per person.

Essential reading

In order to get the best from the training, participants need to read ‘Safe to Grow’ and ‘Safe to Belong’, or the new combined document in advance. They can be downloaded using the following link:

Participants should also be familiar with the safeguarding policies and procedures from their own Church.