Safeguarding Training

Training is important

During this time of Social-Distancing and more recently the Tier system being put in place we are unable to continue with our usual Face-to-Face training.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all and we know that many churches have stepped up to provide more support and care for those in their local communities. Food banks, deliveries of medication, online services and groups and many different sorts of online, mobile and telephone pastoral care mean that churches are faced with some new safeguarding situations alongside all of those that normally form part of church life.

To help ensure that we are still able to offer quality training whilst observing appropriate social-distancing practices Baptist Union of Great Britain have produced an Excellence in Safeguarding Update Film.

Our Safeguarding Update film covers the key points of both Level 2 and Level 3 training and is accompanied by a Resources Pack that includes specific guidance about the impact of coronavirus and the ways in which churches might respond to safeguarding concerns.

If you have attended one of our training courses before, you will find the film of help as an update and reminder. If you are new to safeguarding in your church, your DPS will also give you a copy of our Gateway to Safeguarding booklet and your church safeguarding policy and procedures to help you get started.

HEBA provides named certificates of attendance to those who attend training. These are sent to your church office contact following the course for distribution to each individual that attended.

Training requirement for Ministers

All accredited, nationally and regionally recognised pastors/ministers are required to undertake the safeguarding training required by the National Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC) to maintain their accreditation/recognition. A safeguarding training clause should be included in the Terms of Settlement for all of the above ministries. See the Terms of Appointment here:

If you require a waiver to call a non-accredited minister the safeguarding training required by the MRC will be a condition of the waiver being granted. A safeguarding training clause in the Terms of Settlement would also be required in this case. If your minister is not accredited or recognised and you do not need a waiver we would strongly encourage you to retain this clause.

The current training requirements are to undertake Excellence in Safeguarding Training through BUGB at level 2 and 3 every 4 years, and every year to undertake an online BUGB training session on a particular aspect of safeguarding. The responsibility of ensuring that non-accredited and non-recognised ministers undertake their safeguarding training remains with the minister and the church trustees.


Please email for a Booking Form.


The cost for each individual participant from a church which gives regularly to Baptist Home Mission will be £10.00. (£15.00 for others). There is no charge for Accredited Baptist Ministers.

Further reading

It would be helpful for participants to be familiar with the ‘Safe to Grow’ and ‘Safe to Belong’ documents. They can be accessed using the following link:

Participants should also be familiar with the safeguarding policy statement and procedures from their own Church.